Surgical Site Infections (SSI’s) are one of the most devastating aspects of having any type of surgery.  This is not only devastating to you, the patient, but to the surgeon, the hospital, and everyone that you come into contact with.

As a result, we take our SSI protocols very seriously and at The Center for Disc Replacement Surgery at AOR, we require our patients to partake in these sequences to help minimize the potential for surgical site infections.  The Chlorhexidine wipes are provided to you at no additional cost and are available at both the facility where you are having your surgery as well as at our offices.

Please read through this handout for the proper sequence for St. Clair Hospital to better understand the sequence and what is expected of you the night before your surgery as well as the morning of your surgical procedure.

St. Clair Hospital Patient Instructions PreOperative Wipes Bath Sequence

MRSA Screening and prevention are another major cause and source of SSI’s – Please read about NOZIN® and please be sure to be instructed on its use by either your Pre-Hab provider as well as your surgeon or mid-level provider.